“Why should I hire a lawyer!  It’s just a traffic ticket.  I was guilty.  They got me dead to rights.  I’ll just pay it, and move on.”    These are common statements made by someone who receives a traffic citation.  However, the person who thinks like this is not thinking of the collateral consequences that occur with the traffic citation conviction – the points added to their driving record.

Every point causes insurance rates to go up.  The increase in insurance premiums multiplied over the three years the points stay on a person’s record more than justifies paying an attorney’s retainer.  If you get four points in 12 months the Department of Motor Vehicles will suspend your license for six months, and put you on probation for one year.  Imagine the extra costs of transportation when you cannot drive to work for six months!

The Attorney Miranda McCroskey is uniquely qualified to represent individuals cited for traffic violations in California.  Ms. McCroskey represents people in each of the Orange County courts on a weekly basis, and is familiar with the court staff, judges, and officers that work in those courts.  Ms. McCroskey also regularly handles Los Angeles, Riverside, San Bernardino, and San Diego counties.

The huge majority of Ms. McCroskey’s many clients have completed their interactions with Ms. McCroskey and the court with a beneficial result:  the clients did not have to spend their valuable time in or getting to the courthouse; they had an opportunity to set the case for trial without having to appear themselves;  because they were represented by an attorney they did not have to post the bail (or fine amount) with the court in order to get a trial; and a professional handled all aspects of the case from the arraignment to the trial, including pretrial negotiations.  Civil assessments have been reduced or removed at Ms. McCroskey’s request; fines have been reduced;  through her negotiations clients who were not eligible have been granted traffic school; holds have been lifted; abstracts (in order to lift the hold) have been purchased; warrants have been recalled; and trials have been won.

By hiring Ms. McCroskey to represent you throughout the process including trial you are creating an opportunity for a dismissal based on lack of prosecution, an opportunity for pretrial negotiations, and the opportunity for a win at trial – all of which will keep points off of your record, and keep your insurance rates down, and keep money in your pocket.

Ms. McCroskey also represents people at DMV hearings, and has had many successes in Negligent Operator Hearings, license reinstatement proceedings, and DUI related hearings.

Ms. McCroskey is personally available to assist you with every aspect of your case.  Please call (714) 389-2257 for a free first consultation on your case. A reasonable fee structure can be determined for your needs.  McCroskey Legal accepts all forms of payment.