If the California Bureau of Real Estate notifies you that you are under investigation or facing a possible denial, suspension or revocation of your real estate license, you need to contact an experienced professional license defense attorney to assist you in negotiating and resolving any complaints made against you.  A threat to your Real Estate license is a threat to your livelihood, and you will have questions that need to be answered as soon as possible in order to determine the best way to defend and reinstate your professional license.

Real Estate Licensure is a process in which past mistakes or misconduct could cause an otherwise qualified applicant to be denied.  Attorney Miranda McCroskey understands what the Bureau of Real Estate is looking for, and can help you avoid making unnecessary mistakes as you seek to obtain your license.

Past mistakes can be remedied if you have presently been denied. License denials are often a function of a criminal conviction.  Attorney McCroskey will assist in expunging your case as an act in mitigation, and will present your case before the BRE in an effort to show that your conviction was an aberrant act or a lapse in judgment, among other factors, and will work to obtain the best possible result under the circumstances.

Attorney McCroskey will also assist with audits.  Real estate agents and brokers are regularly audited. During the audit, the BRE will look for inaccurate and inappropriate record keeping and violations of the Business and Professions Code. These audits very often lead to prosecution. Typically, you will be notified about an upcoming audit. The best time to contact McCroskey Legal is before the audit.

Should you be a licensed Real Estate professional being investigated by the BRE, you will be contacted by the Enforcement section which is responsible for investigating misconduct committed by agents and brokers.  The most commonly pursued grounds for discipline include the following violations:

  • Trust Fund Record Keeping
  • Trust Fund Shortage
  • Failure to Supervise a sponsored salesperson
  • Unlicensed Activity
  • Misrepresentation
  • Criminal Conviction after being licensed or failure to disclose a criminal conviction on licensing application resulting in a Denial of Licensure

The investigations may be initiated with a BRE investigator contacting the agent or broker by a letter of complaint and inquiry, or the BRE may conduct the investigation covertly if it has reason to believe contacting the agent or broker will inhibit the investigation. You should cooperate with this investigation after having discussed the matter with an experienced professional license defense attorney.

The BRE may then desire to impose discipline on your license, and you will have an opportunity to defend against the accusations at a hearing.

Ms. McCroskey is personally available to assist you with every aspect of your case.  Please call (714) 389-2257 for a free first consultation on your case. A reasonable fee structure can be determined for your needs.  McCroskey Legal accepts all forms of payment.