The California Board of Registered Nurses prides itself on being a tough and vigorous agency taking the public’s protection to heart. Often times the licensure sanctions are severe including license probations, suspensions, surrenders, and revocations.

If you are a registered nurse and receive a letter from the Board informing you that it is contemplating taking adverse action against you review it carefully.  The Board may be stating that you are the subject of a complaint or investigation, offering an opportunity to participate in the Board’s diversion program, denying your license, or stating their intent to file an accusation or statement of issues.  This is very serious and should not be taken lightly.  Your livelihood is at stake.  Upon receipt of any communication from the Board you should immediately contact an attorney with experience representing nurses in professional licensing matters before you respond. An attorney with experience will understand that immediate action is necessary – that action may be communication with the Board, or may be instructing you on actions to take that will later aid in mitigating your alleged action.

In many cases, clients have engaged in no misconduct but instead are the target of an unjust complaint or an unfortunate misunderstanding. In other cases, clients engaged in uncharacteristic conduct which resulted in a criminal conviction, i.e. a DUI charge or domestic violence. A substance abuse problem will sometimes be the root of the problem. In these cases Attorney Miranda McCroskey works with clients to establish mitigating circumstances that warrant no license discipline or probation instead of a revocation or lengthy suspension.

Where Ms. McCroskey is retained during an investigation, she submits a detailed analysis of the allegations to the investigator along with evidence that either supports her client’s position that no misconduct occurred, or supports a decision that license discipline is unwarranted.  Depending upon a client’s unique circumstances, she may hire an investigator to interview witnesses and prepare investigative reports as part of the defense, or hire an expert to evaluate standard of care issues.   If substance abuse is an issue she assists the client in a cost benefit analysis of a private rehabilitation program vs. the Board’s diversion program.  In addition, she assists her clients in assembling letters of support and character reference from colleagues and family.

Ms. McCroskey represent individuals whose applications have been rejected by the Board based on past criminal actions, RNs who are accused of a crime substantially related to the practice of nursing, and with petitions for reinstatement where a client previously surrendered their license or had their license revoked.  If you are in this position, do not wait.  Call me today for further information and become aware of your options.

Ms. McCroskey is personally available to assist you with every aspect of your case.  Please call (714) 389-2257 for a free first consultation on your case. A reasonable fee structure can be determined for your needs.  McCroskey Legal accepts all forms of payment.