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“Man is condemned to be free; because once thrown into the world, he is responsible for everything he does.  It is up to you to give [life] a meaning.”

— Jean-Paul Sartre

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“Lawpreneur Radio” comes out of Ms. McCroskey’s entrepreneurial spirit, and her recognition that lawyers need to learn how to run their practices as a business.  Therefore, Lawpreneur Radio is a community where members are both lawpreneurs who’ve figured out how to hang their shingle and thrive, and the many vendors that support them, and others who are wondering how or longing to take the first step or, maybe, gigantic leap.

Lawpreneur Radio is a popular podcast and blog hosted and founded by Miranda McCroskey.  With over 200 interviews of successful entrepreneurial attorneys, authors, coaches, branding and marketing experts, among many others, Lawpreneur educates and entertains as we explore a new practice built in a new way.



Miranda McCroskey provides legal services while creating a strong relationship with her clients.  As your lawyer, Ms. McCroskey brings her 20+ years of courtroom experience in addition to her lifetime of coaching, supporting, and educating others.

Ms. McCroskey sees her clients as good people who made a poor choice, and is available and accessible to her clients.

By retaining Ms. McCroskey you will save time and effort.  Ms. McCroskey will be on your team to guide you through and tell the court your side of the story.


McCroskey One Sheet

  • speeding ticket, great service, valuable.

    Miranda was referred to me by a very good friend. I got a speeding ticket. I paid Miranda a reasonable retainer and she took over from there. She kept me posted as to status via email. When the court date came, she represented me in court with me begin there. The officer didn't show, and all charges were dropped! There was no charge other than the initial retainer.
  • Top Tier Lawyer- Honest, Trustworthy, Caring, Hardworking

    Miranda is a top tier lawyer. Extremely knowledgable, honest, and definitely on top of it in terms of keeping her clients in the loop. She was upfront in terms of what to expect and delivered on all of her results, quicker than we both thought!
    Criminal Defense Client
  • The roadwarrior.

    Miranda has handled many of my speeding tickets and she has been an excellent attorney. I do recommend Miranda for any of you traffic tickets. She will get the job done with good news. I highly recommend her, she is prompt with any questions you have. Miranda will keep you informed with your case.
  • Kandice ThayerKandice Thayer
    I recommend Maranda 120%.

    Miranda McCroskey, I would highly encourage anyone who has gotten a traffic ticket, DUI, felony she really is the best attorney to have representing you. I have known Maranda for a few years and know people who have used her and they can't say enough about her and what she has done for them. DON'T HESITATE TO CONTACT HER.
  • Andrew RobertsAndrew Roberts
    Knowledgable and Creative.

    Miranda is a top notch defense attorney in Orange County. We have worked/consulted together on many matters. She is very knowledgeable and creative in protecting the rights of her clients. I endorse her!
  • Responsive.

    I want to thank you for all the help and as well representing on my behalf and helping me avoid points and extra fines. It was great to receive good news. Your service is amazing and appreciate how you stay in contact until all is solved. If ever anyone need service as such I will know you are great place to refer to.
    Claudia A.
  • Caring and Knowledgeable.

    Miranda McCroskey is a great attorney to work with. Despite her busy schedule and the odds stacked against me, given my particular situation, Miranda took on my case ready to fight for my credentials ultimately amending inaccuracies on my background from the DOJ that would have otherwise been detrimental to my future and character. She responded quickly to my emails and phone calls and wrote many legally profound letters crucial to gaining my professional state license in California. After giving many different attorneys the run-down of my situation and being told there wasn't much they could do, Miranda McCroskey was the only one who kept me optimistic and took on my challenging case. Had I known about McCroskey legal years ago, I wouldn't be writing this review because my problems would have already been solved. Not only is she a caring counselor, but she has the knowledge and recourses to get the job done! If you have issues with your background and are looking to make a change or are a professional looking to defend or gain your credentials, certification or licensure in Orange County, then Miranda McCroskey is the lawyer you want in your corner to fight for you. Trust me!
    Austin G.
  • BRE license help.

    I was having a hard time getting my application approved for my real estate license due to past history that should of been expunged. I had interviewed a few attorneys in inland empire where I live and was not getting a great feeling about what the can do, I came across Attorney Miranda online and decided to set up a consultation which was free. When I first met her she was very professional and understood my situation clearly and I decided to retain her right away to get started. She began to work my cases right away and maintained me informed all time with updates and was able to successfully get the BRE to approve my application. I would use her anytime in the future if needed and highly recommend her to any friends and family.
  • More than a Lawyer.

    Miranda is more than just a lawyer, she is also a guidance counselor.
  • Highly trusted.

    Miranda is my highly trusted resource for all things legal. She accessible, uses minimal "legalese" and is especially knowledgeable on "household" criminal matters. Further, if my question is not her area of expertise, she is has a vast and reliable referral network.
    Betsy Densmore
  • Great resource.

    Miranda has helped me out of a few legal jams over the years! Most recently she assisted me when my minor son had a car accident and totalled his car. Miranda is a great resource, is extremely knowledgable in her field and handles legal issues with timeliness and integrity!!
    Rene Roberts-Nijinsky
  • Highly Recommended.

    I got a chance to refer a friend to Miranda and I am so glad and relieved that I did. She helped him right away and he was very appreciative afterward regarding the experience he had. I would highly recommend her.
    Jim Moazez
  • Highly Focused.

    Miranda is a focused legal professional who is diligent in her practice and compassionate in how she works with clients. Miranda is a highly intelligent attorney who reaches goals by consistently applying her superior work ethic to everything that she does.
    Matthew Gibbs
  • Personable and Professional.

    Miranda McCroskey is an amazing attorney. She is personable, professional, goal-oriented and fights extremely hard for her clients. I'd recommend her to anyone in need of legal assistance.
    Errol Cook, Esq.
  • No surprises, no drama.

    Miranda did a great job for us. The legal system is a tangled web and I would not wish to negotiate it alone. Miranda held our hands every step of the way -- no surprises, no drama, the best possible outcome. Thank you Miranda -- I will not hesitate to recommend you; its clear you know your stuff.
    DUI Client
  • Assurance and Understanding

    I came to Miranda very scared and afraid and clueless about what was going to happen with my case. She assured me and took care of my worries and made it easy for me to understand what I needed to do and what she would do for me and my case. She took care of everything and took the majority of the worry away, she was kind and nice and understanding and listened to me and went above and beyond to help me clean up my case. Thank you, Miranda!
  • Great and Thorough.

    Ms. McCroskey was always accessible and professional. She put my mind at ease in regard to my criminal case because I knew she was going to handle every aspect of it, and get me the best possible result. Ultimately she got my case dismissed!
    Criminal Defense Client
  • Attorney since 2004.

    Miranda McCroskey has been my Attorney since 2004. Ms. McCroskey has represented me during that time in traffic matters, with very successful outcomes. Additionally, she has and continues to be a terrific resource in all legal matters. Her sound understanding of the law, coupled with a positive attitude and taking the concerns of her clients to heart make her an ideal person to work with.
    Robert Pereira
  • Outstanding Results.

    Miranda has served as our criminal defense attorney for our clients on a variety of issues and has always achieve outstanding results. I would recommend her to anyone in need of her services.
    Al Rasch
  • Cleaning up my life
         Thank you so much Miranda for all your help! I really appreciate the urgency and working with me. I'm one step closer to cleaning up my life, thank you for being part of that.
  • Miranda is your "go to" lawyer.

    I have had the pleasure of consulting with Miranda on a few occasions and she has always been able to give me peace of mind. She is knowledgeable, responsive and makes me feel like helping resolve my issues are the most important thing. I trust her and her abilities completely.
  • Facing a DUI charge.

    I recently was charged with a DUI and was referred to Miranda McCroskey. Having Miranda as my attorney was the best decision and investment I’ve ever made. Facing criminal charges can be a very scary thing but with Miranda’s expertise and true genuine compassion for others the fear and worry disappeared. I was facing multiple charges and very expensive court fines and fees. Miranda was able to get all my charges dropped but one and significantly lowered my court cost.  I was in disbelief and shock when I saw my new court balance there was almost nothing left to pay. There is no way none of this would have ever happened if I didn't have Miranda as my attorney. She is the most fair and honest person you will ever meet. I highly recommend you hire her for any type of legal counsel but especially for DUI charges.
    DUI Client


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